The Parent Portal

Doddle is our parent portal which allows you to track your swimmers progress through each stage along with their attendance. The class teacher fills out an online register and updates stage goals after each lesson.


Through doddle we can set up your monthly subscription to cover the cost of your swimming lessons.

Payments are always charged on the 1st of every month, which makes it convenient and easy to plan

Your subscription covers term time lessons only, 39 weeks of year, split into 12 equal monthly payments. 

An Example Doddle Dashboard


To cancel your Subscription just drop us a message and one of our team members will cancel your monthly payments.

After a team member has cancelled your subscription, you can use up any remaining lessons in the last month you have paid for.

If your monthly payment fails for any reason, you will be notified when you log onto your account. A few days after the payment day a member of our team will email you asking you to log on to pay any outstanding payments.

This number shows the value of lessons that you are booked on for, that you have currently not paid for. You WILL NOT be charged for this amount, you only ever pay your monthly subscription. 

Payments are charged on the 1st of each month. The amount charged is the cost of 39 term time lessons split into 12 equal payments.

Because the subscription is split evenly over 12 months, your payments continue through all holidays. This includes in August when there are no term time lessons, this means you are unable to cancel your subscription in August.